Sunday, January 4, 2009

12 Wishes for 2009

So, if you ready my post on New Years Eve, about the traditions, you'll understand this, if not, you may be confused, but oh well, it happens to the best of us! Did you make any New Years Resolutions?? I didn't! I never keep them, so I figure why bother.
I did however partake in a few of the traditions, the main one being the 12 grapes and 12 wishes. At about 10 minutes to Midnight I got out my grapes and started making wishes as I ate them 1 by one. Just when Midnight arrived, I made my last wish. I'm not the kind of girl to ask for much, or even "wish" for things, so I had a hard time trying to think about 12 things that I wanted... I just want happiness and healing, and I could only think of one thing that would help me attain that goal, so I wished for another baby. Does it still work if you wish for the same thing 12 times??? Over and over I wished for a baby.
I have wanted more children for a long time now. Chase just turned 4, at the rate we've been going, he'll be 7 or 8 before we have another baby... if we ever do. Since our loss in November, I've had a much darker outlook on life. It changed who I am. I'm still kind, sweet, little, Shannon, but I'm much more pessimistic too. I used to believe anything was possible. Not anymore. At least when it comes to us and our fertility issues. I hope and pray and try to keep my chin up, but the pain has sometimes threatened to overwhelm me. So, I'm hoping that Wishes do Come true!

I scrapped a Layout about my 12 wishes today for the Sassy Blinging Babes Weekly Challenge. I had know idea how emotional it would be for me to create a LO about my wishes. It even brought tears to my eyes a few times during the process.


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  2. aww shannon I love you, I am glad you embraced my crazy Venezuelan traditions, I believe when we want something as much as you do we'll get it. I cannot imagine your pain, but remember a positive attitude can go a long way, so chin up! And repeat "I'm a work in progress" everyday, I say that so as to not get frustrated with my diet, or my own outlook in life... I repeat, I'm working towards something and it helps me out. I hope it helps you, too.<3 sis.