Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just sayin'

So, about the Fruit Puffs I wrote about yesterday... You know... The ones that are awesome.. I mean... Just sayin. I've been told that they are "Baby Crack", because they are so yummy that babies get addicted to them. I'm beginning to believe all Gerber Graduates Products are made with this same ingredient that causes babies to become addicts.

There should be a Public Service announcement.. or a Surgeon Generals Warning on them.. you know like the ones they put on Cigarettes and I'm sure lots of other products... It could read something like this:
Caution! May be habit forming.. May cause irritability in small children if not distributed quickly enough..Package may become empty at an alarming rate. Adults should Not use without Supervision of a child.
That last one is for the Mom's and Dad's (and Big brothers in my house) who "try one"... Trying one usually ends up in the Adult (or Big Brother) forgetting just who these snacks are for and eating way too many themselves! Because they are AWESOME.... Just sayin'
On that note, I'm headed out to cook dinner and feed a few of these to my baby while I'm cooking.

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