Thursday, September 16, 2010

I got to Scrapbook today!!!

I'm off work today.. YAY!! I just worked 7 in a row, so it's a nice break. This morning Karter has been snuggling Daddy in bed and Chase is at school. That gave me time to sit at my desk and Scrapbook. With Pandora radio in my headphones, and paper, photos, and embellishments on my desk I actually completed a LO in about an hour and a half.... (That was with a few small interuptions) After thumbing through about 50 photos, most of which I am embarrassed to say are from Karter's first week on the outside, I decided which photo I wanted to scrap.
I just grabbed a bunch of stuff and this is what I came up with.. It really took me longer to put it all together than anything. I knew I had super cute ribbon that I wanted to use, and I wanted to distress something (the torn and inked edges of the photo mat) and of course me being a Sassy Blinging Babe, the LO would HAVE to have some bling on it somewhere. I found the stork left over from another set of stickers and the transparency with the word baby all over it happened to be hidden in my stash too. I figured now was as good a time as any to use it. I had no ideas in mind when I sat down, but I'm pretty pleased with this project.
I really should have been doing laundry instead of sitting here but sometimes you just need a creative release, and for me Scrapbooking is just that!

Oh, and by the way, sorry I didn't get a photo up yesterday.. I'll try to post one every day, but I'm making NO promises! Sometimes life just doesn't afford me the time to get a creative or interesting photo.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just sayin'

So, about the Fruit Puffs I wrote about yesterday... You know... The ones that are awesome.. I mean... Just sayin. I've been told that they are "Baby Crack", because they are so yummy that babies get addicted to them. I'm beginning to believe all Gerber Graduates Products are made with this same ingredient that causes babies to become addicts.

There should be a Public Service announcement.. or a Surgeon Generals Warning on them.. you know like the ones they put on Cigarettes and I'm sure lots of other products... It could read something like this:
Caution! May be habit forming.. May cause irritability in small children if not distributed quickly enough..Package may become empty at an alarming rate. Adults should Not use without Supervision of a child.
That last one is for the Mom's and Dad's (and Big brothers in my house) who "try one"... Trying one usually ends up in the Adult (or Big Brother) forgetting just who these snacks are for and eating way too many themselves! Because they are AWESOME.... Just sayin'
On that note, I'm headed out to cook dinner and feed a few of these to my baby while I'm cooking.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Way too Early!!!

Here is Today's Photo:

Here's Karter at 6:30 A.M. He is way too happy to be up at that time of day... It might be the fact that I had just nursed him and he was sitting in his high chair. He knows when he sit in his high chair, he gets big boy food, and this morning was no exception. He was getting ready to have some Fruit Puffs by Gerber. Have you ever tried those things??? They are awesome... I mean... just sayin'

Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Idea!!

I have decided to try something new with my blog. I'm going to try post a photo a day. Hopefully I can keep up with this project... Just a warning... these photos will be random... Just whatever feel like taking a picture of each day.Today's photo is my son's desk.. primarily the Play doh mess that he made. He left all this Play doh out to dry out After he was told more than once to clean it up and put it away...and now he's grounded from his Play doh until he can be responsible with it.
OK, that's all for today. See you tomorrow!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tired of fighting with Blogger right now!

OK, so I'm tired of fighting with Blogger right now, so the post I was attempting tp write today is not happening...